Highland Bible Institute 2019

hbi spring 2019


Join us for our Spring Semester of Highland Bible Institute!  Registration is happening now!


Highland Church Bible Institute | Spring Semester 2019
Sunday, May 19 - Sunday, July 14 | 9:30am - 10:30am

 Register online >> http://bit.ly/2LjBieL


Biblical Foundation:

“Make disciples . . them to observe all that I have commanded you” (Matt. 28:19-20).” 


1. The Beauty of Holiness & Humility - Pas. Mary E. Daniels


This path to holiness, Humility, will take on a challenging interesting journey of self-denial and total surrender to the Lord. Furthermore, this class will be transformational in that, as we see the importance of humility in our everyday walk with others we will see how we measure up with Jesus Christ. Please note, the workbook will not be for just getting the answers right but getting the heart and mind right. This course will cause us to depend more on the Lord for the grace and gift of humility as we learn together. We will have a face to face confrontation with pride and we will win in Jesus name Amen.


2. Christian Morals and Ethics - Bro. Collin Baker


This course will provide students with a biblical and theological foundation to deal with normal everyday ethical/moral issues. Establish a framework to help students to analyze contemporary ethical/moral issues such as genetic engineering, race, euthanasia, poverty, crime & punishment, abortion, war & peace, genocide, migration, artificial reproduction, environment, governments & citizens. It will also demonstrate that the ultimate basis for Christian ethics is the moral character of God.

3. The Holy Spirit - My Senior Partner - Sis. Ida Humphrey

"God's Word shares the identity, purpose, and plan for the Holy Spirit on this earth. And when you receive the incredible gift and power of the Holy Spirit; your life will never be the same."

4. The Life of David - Sis. Pamela Rasheed

The students will gain a deeper understanding of the heart of man and his relationship towards his God through the life of David - from a lad to a King. They will come to appreciate how "Attitude Determines Altitude" with God, and they will seek to cultivate these qualities and attitude in their own lives going forward. Come learn of an ordinary man who pleased the heart of God so much so that God pronounced him to be "A man after my OWN heart". 


Register online today! Click on the link to register:  http://bit.ly/2LjBieL



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