A Family Made Whole
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A Family Made Whole


This is the year we joined the Highland church as a family.  The Lord spoke this when my husband turned seventy-three years old:  I said to him, "Come closer to God and choose a church because years are not on your side; we will join you as a family.”  He said “I choose Highland Church.”  I left my former church of ten years and my entire family joined Highland Church.  The first day I stepped inside this church, I felt the Spirit of worship come upon me and I was glad!  

We joined the Adult Sunday School and I’ve joined the Evangelism Ministry.  My husband has grown deeply spiritual in the things of the Lord as he started paying tithes.  He is reading his Bible everyday and loves Pastor Subash's preaching!  My husband is very serious about salvation now; before I get home from work he is already dressed and waiting for me.  I am very happy that I can go to church with him, something I’ve missed for a long time.  Our last daughter was water baptized this year.  The family is growing in the Lord, and we are happy to join Highland Church as a family.  There is great peace, happiness and togetherness in the family.  We thank God for Jesus Christ, and the perfect peace He has brought everyone in our family that has accepted him.


 Eunice Ikwuagwu

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