When Mercy Found Me
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Four years ago my Employer was told after having traveled back and forth on the same Visa for over 15 years, he would no longer be allowed in the United States and his wife would have 3 months to handle personal business before she too would have to leave the country.


I then found myself in charge of running the North American Branch of a Multi-Million Dollar Company.  Through God's Grace, this Division grew in profits. On April 1, 2016, after promises for increasing wages and benefits.  He (my employer) emptied all accounts, canceled email accounts, and disappeared.


I did not know what  I would do.  I was the only one able to pay rent and bills.  I started praying and God answered by giving my children jobs that covered our needs just when our savings was almost gone.  During this time, I had been told my blood test which I recently took can back with markers for Cancer.  My Oncologist stood in agreement with me that I was Cancer free and when the new tests results came, there were no markers.  I was cancer free!  The God of all grace and mercy rescued me.




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